With the A+A in October 2017, we've paved the way for the future. With technology. With sustainable PPE concepts. And, of course, with lots of innovative new products – here are the highlights:

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Safety helmets

The uvex perfexxion is our first helmet that can be used for industrial applications, for climbing mountains and for cycling – all the while conforming to the relevant standards. A perfect, ergonomic fit and optimum climate control ensure a particularly high degree of wearer comfort. For further information, please see the corresponding press release.

We are in the process of expanding our tried and tested safety helmet product families to feature new colour variants as well!




Safety eyewear

The new uvex pheos cx2 sonic is proof that that wide-vision goggles can be both compact and comfortable to wear. A lightweight design, impressive temperature regulation and comfortable seal make these goggles the perfect uvex i-gonomics product.

We have also expanded our existing safety goggles range with the introduction of new models – or, to be more precise, new combinations of eyewear, coatings and tinted lenses. In terms of the latter, we have developed a new online advisor so you can always find the right tinting for your safety goggles – follow this link to test it out right now!



Hearing protection

The uvex K Series includes our comfortable, safe and reliable earmuffs. Now, foldable earmuffs as well as highly sound-absorbent models and designs geared towards children and teenagers are to be added to the range in order to round off this popular product family in a logical and appropriate manner.



Respiratory protection

The patented new respiratory protection valves featured in the uvex v-ionics mask with a bionic structure ensure that breathing is noticeably easier. This increases wearer comfort and offers maximum safety in the workplace, making the FFP2 mask a valuable addition to our uvex i-gonomics product system.

Furthermore, the new uvex silv-Air premium mask range offers great comfort across all three protection categories – FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. These masks provide incredibly reliable protection to wearers and can be perfectly combined with the majority of uvex safety eyewear models.



Protective clothing and workwear

This year, uvex started from scratch in our efforts to revamp protective clothing and workwear ranges. Among other measures, the Collection 26 product range was updated and the sporty-yet-robust uvex syneXXo range was launched, while cut-protection shirts and trousers were redesigned and the ultra-modern uvex suXXeed workwear range, which combines a perfect fit with superb functionality, was also brought onto the market. In recognition of our hard work, uvex was honoured to receive the plus X Award, among others.



Safety gloves

The new, seamless uvex synexo protective gloves promise to achieve the perfect synergy between comfort and protection. The reinforced protective areas are ideal for all activities, from precision work to heavy duty jobs, meaning that the gloves set new standards for functionality and wearer comfort.

However, there are other innovations in the field of cut protection safety gloves, such as the uvex C500 M foam or the uvex C5.



Safety shoes

The successful safety shoe range uvex 2 has been expanded: the new models with VIBRAM® technology create a comfortable foot climate even in challenging conditions. And where a sportier, more lightweight design is required, the brand new uvex 1 sport safety shoes come to the fore – a uvex i-gonomics product which combines safety with a sense of joy like no other shoe before it.



Individual PPE

We have also developed a uvex i-gonomics product within the field of otoplastics as well: the uvex high-fit u-cut HC. Its innovative construction provides improved wearer comfort in comparison with conventional otoplastics and ensures optimal auditory perception without compromising on noise insulation properties. The product is also available in full-ear form as the uvex high-fit u-cut FC.

Our new sporty RX frames for prescription safety spectacles combine individuality, a comfortable, sealed fit and protection.